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e270 stuck on "refresh database" and won't automatically reformat: sansa e270 has frozen on “refresh database” after I deleted all the mp3 files on it to replace them.  It freezes there every time it powers on...Can anyone tell me how to reset it please?  The only way I can get the PC to recognize it is when I tried the option below.  When I unplug it is says it is resetting but, after trying the solution below a few times, it now hangs up about ¾ of the way through refreshing the database.  Is there another fix … or is my MP3 player just shot?  


“I have had a similar issue with my Sansa E270 player in the last couple of years.  Sometimes when loading files, the transfer would lock up. When the power was
cycled on the unit, it would freeze on the "Refreshing Database" screen.  To fix this involved the following steps...Of course it involves formatting the folders
containing the stored music.
1) Ensure the USB cable is connected between the computer and the player.
2) Turn the player off by pressing and holding the power button for at least 10 seconds.
3) Slide the top slider switch to the "Hold" position.
4) Press and hold in the record switch (on the side), while pressing and releasing the power switch to turn it back on
5) The display should say...."USB mode V2.0 in MSD"...or something like that
6) The computer will detect the device as a 16Mbyte Sansa drive.  Using Windows Explorer (right-click start button/explore), open the drive.
7) The Sansa drive should contain a .TXT file.  In the same folder as the TXT file, create another folder named -      sansa.fmt
8) Once the sansa.fmt folder has been created, unplug the USB cable and the player should automatically format.
9) Once formatted, communication is again possible.”