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cd & quick start guide

Hi, How do i get a installation cd, and a quick start guide. I bought a referbished  E260 and I did not get these items.
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Re: cd & quick start guide

You don't need an installation CD to put music on the Sansa. The drivers are in Windows and in Windows Media Player 10 or above. 


For everything else including instructions, Firmware Updater (which you ought to run if your firmware version under Settings/Info starts with 3.x)  and Media Converter (for videos and photos), click through the Sansa site.

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Re: cd & quick start guide

Don't feel left out.  For almost a year now, those buying the e200 series players (new) have not received the CD or the owners' manual.  We have had to go to the SanDisk site to read or download them.  (I believe we did get the short quick-start guide, though).