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Overdrive Media

I have an e250 Sansa.  I'm trying to transfer  an audio book from a library using the Overdrive Media. 
This is what I found  on the overdrive media help: 
SanDisk Sansa e250
Note that the e200 Series expansion slot does not support OverDrive Media. OverDrive Media files must be transferred to the main memory of the device.
So how do I transfer to the main memory????
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Re: Overdrive Media

how would you transfer a regular song to the main memory of the device? its the same thing. Check out the how to videos or read the manual online about how to transfer files to the player.
What it means by expansion; is the microSD slot on the side of the device. It cant handle the licensing aspect of Overdrive media.(assuming there is licenses)
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Re: Overdrive Media

As long as your player is connected and recognized by the computer, then Overdrive should work. It doesn't show anywhere on the program like it would on say Rhapsody. Just select your books, and click transfer..
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