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Yahoo Music Jukebox

I am looking at buying the view, does any one know the compatibility with Yahoo music jukebox?  Will Yahoo's playlists appear on the view?
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Re: Yahoo Music Jukebox

I made a playlist on Yahoo Jukebox of approximately 100 songs and transferred it successfully to my 8 G View.  I then made a 1500 song playlist and made several attempts to transfer it to the View.  The View rebooted after about 350 songs and lost all previously loaded content.  I reformatted the View between attempts, but I always had the same results.  I tried using MusicMatch Jukebox 10, but the playlist would only show 500 songs.

I wound up using WMP 11, but the playlist still shows only 500 songs. I haven't had a problem transferring a similar playlist to my Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 or my Creative Nomad Zen Xtra.

The Sansa's user interface is more flashy than the UI on my Nomads, but the implementation of the software leaves something to be desired (sigh!)