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Film Clapper...Always

Ok well for the last few months I forgot I even owned my Sansa but now I am trying to get a ******* video to play but all it is doing is playing audio and showing a film clapper.


Please help...

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Re: Film Clapper...Always

Did the movie ever play before, or is it new?  If the video settings are outside the View's capabilities, (too wide, too tall, too high or low fps, etc) it won't show. 


How was it ripped?  How was it converted?  How was it put on your View?


I've got almost 8G of video on a microSDHC card in my View and it all plays well.  I've got the entire BBC series for "The Blue Planet" and "Planet Earth", two of my favorite episodes of "Firefly", a couple of AVI conversions from my digital camera, a guitar lesson on Barre chords and some converted YouTube videos.


All of my DVD video was ripped with DVDDecrypter.  *Everything* was converted with the free AVC using the settings as described in the Sticky thread "this may help...."