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Audiobooks "not activated"

When I try listening to one of my audiobooks, upon selecting the one I want, a message comes up saying "Not activated."  I know the files aren't in the wrong format, because they all worked about a month ago which was the last time I listened to them.


The audiobooks are on a 2GB flash drive


I have version: 01.03.02A



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Re: Audiobooks "not activated"

I was getting the pink box message "Not activated" when trying to listen to an audiobook.  After much searching and trying different things, I finally got the audiobook to work.  To activate Audible on the SanDisk, open your AudibleManager program and click "Add New Device".  In the pop-up select SanDisk, and it will download and install software to connect to your Sansa View.  The first time you connect, you will need to enter your userid and password.

You should then be able to add Audible auidobooks directly from AudibleManager or Windows Explorer.
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Re: Audiobooks "not activated"

Andrew, did you ever figure out what caused the problem? I'm experiencing the same thing now: the audiobook I listened to yesterday, today mentions "not activated".