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Re: AVC Settings

Well I figured it out. If your using a widescreen source you need to go into Edit/options/video and selcet the option "Fit to width". Then it keeps the widescreen settings of the origonal video
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Re: AVC Settings

Use DVDFab and choose generic device.

Open desired dvd or dvd folder. Doesn't have to be a main movie folder.


Set to:


320 x whatever comes up
fixed bitrate 384kbs and 30fps for video

128kps for audio

can set audio up to 200% for more volume


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Re: AVC Settings

someone explain container a little bit more in detail where is that anyway?
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Re: AVC Settings





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Re: AVC Settings

I followed your instructions to the letter and I got the mpeg4 on my View. Now the problem is that I have sound BUT no image. What did I do wrong???? I have been working on this for days. PLEASE, PLEASE help



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Re: AVC Settings

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Well now that I registered I can ask all my questions.

1) I seem to be converting the videos just fine but when I put them on the player alls I see is a picture of a video snapper thing (like the take 1 scene 1 thing).

2)I have tried every format known to man and it still wont work.


please respond back this is making me want to throw it out my window.


Edit: Ok I just tried to play the Blue Skys demo video but now that won't even show it's like my Sansa hates me now I'm really wanting to smash it...

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Re: AVC Settings

You might have accidentally changed your View set to "video out"-mode.


Check your settings; (treasure chest)|Settings / Options|System Settings|Display|TV Out ... it should be "Off".