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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

got them to merge finally by renaming them all to something else, then renaming them all back, but now no matter how I enter the names of the tracks they wont play in the right order with-in the clip.


I have tried naming them for example:





but the clip will say on top in yellow 8/16 but will actually be playing xenocide 16/16


is this a known issue?


someone help please

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Re: audiobook on CD to mp3

I bought the Audible audiobooks on CD edition, however, the extensions are AA/AAX with the DRM protection, currently I used the DRM Audible Converter for Mac to help me convert the Audible audiobooks to MP3. And then I my play the MP3 files when I am waiting a bus, taking a train and so on. Thanks to the good converter.