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Sansa Clip + / Voice Recording



I am looking for a good quality voice recorder in a small size.


Would the Sanza Clip+ be a good choice?


In which format does it record voice? I am looking for one that records directly in mp3 format.


Do you have better recommendations?



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Re: Sansa Clip + / Voice Recording

The Clip+ is primarily an mp3 player. As a voice recorder it is very limited. While the Clip+ will do a somewhat decent job of recording if the player is clipped to the speaker's shirt, recordings will be noisy and low in volume if the speaker is much more than about 3 feet from the Clip+. The Clip+ records voice as a mono WAV file. It can record around 6 hours in a GB of space. It only records to internal memory, and not to a card that is in it.


There are better choices when it comes to recording. There are recorders that will record directly to mp3 or wma and have a microphone jack, so an external microphone can be used if the internal one is inadequale.

Recorders that record in mp3 are basically over $100, while those that record in wma can be found for less.



If you are serious about recording and want decent sound quality, then I suggest that you buy something that is primarily a recorder.  You didn't mention what you want to record and how far away the speaker will be.

Is this for recording lectures or interviews?