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Sansa Clip User Manual and General Information

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Sansa Clip

Latest Firmware: revision 1 01.01.32 revision 2 02.01.32


  • Sansa Clip: User Guide 
  • Product type: Digital player / radio
  • PC interface(s) supported: Hi-Speed USB
  • Flash memory installed: 1,2,4 GB Integrated


  • Tuner type: Digital Radio tuner
  • Station preset qty: 40
  • Tuner bands: FM
  • Tuning display: OLED

Digital Player / Recorder

  • Digital audio standards: MP3, WMA, Audible, Protected WMA (DRM), OGG, FLAC


  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
  • Battery Life Details: MP3 playback 15 hour(s)

Audio System

  • Sound output mode: Stereo
  • Sound pressure level: Left ear;92.9dB // Right ear;94.7dB // Maximum Limit: 100dB

Cable(s) / Peripheral(s)

  • Cable(s) included: 1x USB to mini-USB

System Requirements

  • Peripheral / Interface devices: CD-ROM, USB port
  • Minimum Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Linux and Mac OS (under MSC mode)


  • Connector type:  1 x Headphones Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, 1 x USB


  • Microphone type: Built-in


  • Headphones type: Binaural Sound
  • Output mode: Stereo
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

Those may be the "official" system requirements, but the Clip works great on Linux
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

Plus, of course, to operate in MSC mode on a Windows PC, one doesn't need Windows XP (a "lesser" version will do) or WMP.
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

Don't forget that you can use MSC mode on Macs!
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

We love our new Sansa Clips (2Gb x 2). The sound quality is great for such a small device too.
Which file formats apply to which functions, ie. to Music, Audiobooks, Record etc, in the Clip? Maybe you could expand on the Digital Audi Standards section in this General Information page. This info would save customers time & Internet research, thanks.
For example, what is the file extension that the Sansa Clip recognises as Audible?
Which format for FMRadio when it records?
I had to do a test VOICE Record, then look at the Clip in Explorer to find out that its format is WAV.
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

 "Because limiting size shouldn't limit features."

I thought this quote from the Sansa store site was cute since the clip has no removable memory option...I mean-even the c200 has that!  And you can't even replace the battery when it goes dead?

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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

Everything I postied is just theories on why sansa did this not facts,
They do this for the money. Both the clip and the c 200 were released around the same year. If the clip had memory expansion then it would be the better choice over the overpriced c 200. Sansa could have made the perfect mini flash mp3 player , but they decided to widen their product line for some reason.
Another theory of mine is that the performance of the sd slot would not have beem good. Look at the c200. Many people have said that playing music from the sd is slow. So the might not have that feature for the clip becuase the company does not want a reputation for the flaw.  I do not support this theory alot becuase this problem could be overcomed by firmware updates.
The battery issue is a common thing. Usually they do this so that you are more likely to buy another one. The key is to make a product good enough that you will love it, but also give it a flaw that will cuase you to buy more. This is how money is made. If they made perfect machines then they would not be making as much money. The only pro I see about making and unremovable battery is that it will make is smaller most of the time.
I can not wait to buy the 4 gb model myself.
Everything I postied is just theories on why sansa did this not facts,
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

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da4191 says: They do this for the money. 

Sandisk is a for profit company. I am sure they are proud of their work, yet they have to make money to stay in business.

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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

The cable supplied with the Clip is a standard USB (4 pins) to USB micro (5 pins) cable. It works great with my portable hard drive. You can also use other cables of this type with the Clip.
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Re: Sansa Clip General Information

  The Clip has changed my life..........