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Re: Broken clip on Sansa Clip+

Imo it is not a good idea to clip a Clip+ or Clip Zip to a belt or waistband. Clipping it to a shirt seems much better. If you must clip it to your pants, a belt loop that is on the side seems like the best place.

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Re: Broken clip on Sansa Clip+

i had sheared the clip off my clip zip a few months ago and went online to get ideas how to fix it. here's the solution i came up with...


i ordered a simple money clip from amazon for ~$5...


i dremel'ed off the excess plastic on the back so it was a flat surface and then super-glued the money clip to the back. the shape of this particular clip fits perfect as the little "lip" part wraps under the bottom edge giving extra support. i also "spread" the clip a little before gluing on to make it less tight when slipping it over things like the edge of your waistband...



i also ordered this aftermarket rubber jacket for the clip...


which covers up the glue mess and makes it barely noticeable as a hack...


money clip fix


...hope this helps someone out there that has run into this problem. it's a great little mp3 player and i use it more than any other device.

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Re: Broken clip on Sansa Clip+

Awesome job! Smiley Happy


I'm sure the same thing could be done with an after-market spring clip too. One just needs to find one that they like . . . and have access to a dremel tool or file to get the back smooth first.


I would think though, that a 2-part expoxy adhesive might be better than super-glue as a long-term solution.

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Re: Broken clip on Sansa Clip+

Great looking repair job.  Smiley Happy


Fortunately, I haven't had an issue with clipping my Clips to a belt loop (so not too thick fabric) as a general matter, or a shirt pocket.

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Re: Broken clip on Sansa Clip+

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Here is a 3D printed replacement clip.