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My ixpand is broken literally

My ixpand broke, the connector for my iphone is broken. When i put it in my bag while the drive is still stack in my phone it brokes. I put the usb on a laptop and the files are still there. But i cant open the said files.maybe bcoz of the broken connector? Is it posible to fix it or is it even posible to copy files? But how? Its not opening either on comp. Or laptop 😭
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Re: My ixpand is broken literally

since it is detected by the computer can you copy and paste the data off of it? If so see if the files will open once copied to the computer. If the files will not transfer they may have been damaged when the connector broke. This can happen if you were transferring files when the connector broke. If that is the case you would need to seek a company that provides data recovery services.