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Version still not recognizing SSDs

You guys really need to get a handle on this as I see the complaint below about version having this exact problem and that is closing in on two months old.


I hadn't run the dashboard in awhile so I let it "upgrade" to version today which completely broke the dashboard for my Windows 7 Home 64 bit install.


Sandisk Dashboard I don't think so.jpg


























So I downloaded version and AMAZING!  It works just fine.  Seriously you guys need to disable the notification for a new application if that is simply going to take you from working just fine to completely broken until you guys get a handle on the problem...


Sandisk Dashboard Hey look it works.jpg



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Re: Version still not recognizing SSDs

Can you screen capture the System Details under the Tools section. I think this will help to understand the environment this is happening in.  Thank you.

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Re: Version still not recognizing SSDs

I have exactly the same issue on Win 7 64 bit Home edition. No SSD found since updating to today. Going back to