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Drive health not stable

I own a Sandisk Extreme SSD. It has been about 4-5 months that its 3 year warranty ended.

I have been using Sandisk SSD Dashboard application to monitor its health. Yesterday i upgraded the application to When i just ran the app, It started saying the "Drive Health" is "Poor". I was very worried so I ran both SMART Diagnostic Short Test and Extended test in Dashboard. It passed both. SSD life left is %99 . Also a 3rd party freeware app named CrystalDiskInfo is saying that the drive is healthy.  BUT, the "Drive Health" in Dashboard still shows "Poor"!


I noticed that in my last boot, it started with "Drive health: Poor",  switched to "Normal". Then Poor, Normal and Poor at the final again! And these happened just in 20-25 min.


CrystalDiskinfo still says there is no problem. So does SMART tests of Dashboard app.


Which one should i trust? SMART results of Dashboard and CrystalDiskInfo ? Or Dashboard saying sometimes that Drive Health is Poor?


Thanks a lot!



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Re: Drive health not stable

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install smartmontools.

execute code in terminal smartctl -x /dev/sda 

(it is /dev/sda if ssd is your primary drive , sdb if its secondary drive)

you can see completed life of your drive from "percentage used endurance indicator" attribute (it will %100 when drive is near to death)

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Seems to be ssd dashboard have pretty much issue with device health counters.

i have similiar issue , it cant report health very well. but smartctl works pretty good