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sandisk "extreme 900" (model 960GB) random disconnects on apple macbook 12" retina (usb 3.1typeC)

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PLEASE ADMIN add this "new" (actually its not new anymore) sandisk model extreme 900 to the forum product categories


i would like to ask something about my "extreme 900", 960GB.

it is listed as tested and compatible in the sandisk product database with my apple macbook 12" retina.

but i get random disconnects, without moving the disc or the laptop, the usb is plugged properly.

connection: "usb 3.1 typeC" goes from the extreme 900 into the (only) port "usb 3.1 typeC" of the macbook 12" retina.


the disconnects only happen, when i copy 100 or 200GB of data onto the disc or back.

when it happens, i cannot see the external disc anymore, it shows up after rebooting 3 times, with error "disc may be damaged, you can read, but not write, format the disc", i did reformat 2 times, and got random disconnects the day after, when copying files.


could it happen, that, if the macbooks power is at 10 or 20% only, the disc is being disconnected, because it cannot be supplied with enough power anymore? (the extreme 900 has a built in raid0, 2 SSDs inside)





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Re: sandisk "extreme 900" (model 960GB) random disconnects on apple macbook 12" reti

Have you had a chance to test it with a full battery? Do you see similar disconnects when transferring large amounts of data?