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clip sport is insane

I had a new album i downloaded(legal)when i transfered the 9 track album it looses track 3 and moved it to another folder within the album.

I had another great dance album(deckdrumsandrockandroll)and it won't keep the last track of the album-always missed it out.


whats going on with this?



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Re: clip sport is insane

Here are a few ideas.


    Maybe your 9 album tracks are not properly recognized by the Music database software of the Clip Sport ? 

         Maybe check the ID3 tags.  The Clip Sport does best reading ID3 tags in format ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.

         ALSO, the Clip Sport music database does best when the first 24 characters of your album title and the first 12 characters of your song titles have unique specificity.


    Maybe try using Folder mode to play these 9 tracks.