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Simple Batch File for Playlist of All Files on Micro SD Card

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I have been testing a simple batch file command to create a single playlist for all music files within the Music folder on my micro SD card.  This method works when the batch file is saved into the Music folder.   The player shuffle command can be set to On or Off to shuffle files while playing the playlist.

      If the batch file is saved within a subfolder within the Music folder, the command will create a playlist of all music files within the subfolder collection.

     The m3u file produced by this batch command is named Playlist.m3u   The m3u file should be renamed as needed.

            (cannot have multiple m3u files with same name)


Here is the text of the playlist command for the batch file:

@echo off
dir /o:n /s /b *.mp3 *.wma *.wav> Playlist.m3u


Create the batch file by copying these 2 lines into a text file and save as a text file named "myplaylist.bat"

I execute the batch command by double-clicking on the batch file using Win File Explorer.    .

(This method works on a PC, not on a Mac).


Please leave comments, suggestions, problems, better ideas ???