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No "Play All" Option for Solders/Subfolders Clip Sport

First, I apoligize for double posting this. I accidently posted it in the Clip + forum, rather than the Clip Sport forum.
I have an older Sansa player and a new Clip +. Both have pretty much the same menu options.
I bought a Sansa Clip Sport for my mom for Christmas and when navigating folders on my mom's new player, there is no "Play All" option for any of the folders.
In other words, on both of my players, when choosing what I want to play, I can go to Music > Play All. Or I can navigate down to "Folders" and then choose my internal or external memory, then "Play All" will be at the top of that list. As I navigate to sub folders, each of those has "Play All" at the top of the list of the files within the folder.
Thus, a folder named "Reggae", may then have many folders within it named by various artists' names, and then each of those may have several folders with different albums, and I can choose to "Play All" at each level.
My mother's Clip Sport has no "Play All" at any level. As we navigate folders on her player, we can only choose a track to play. No level of folder gives an option for play or play all. Only files/tracks allow play.
This is a deal breaker and if I cannot find a solution, we'll be taking it back for refund and finding a different player. Is this a flaw with this specific player, or is this just the way this model is?
Can anybody help?
Thank you and best regards,
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Re: No "Play All" Option for Solders/Subfolders Clip Sport

Lack of this function totally stunned me.
Worse, the speed of firmware development leaves little hope to get usefull update any time soon.

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Re: No "Play All" Option for Solders/Subfolders Clip Sport

I just bought 2 of these players.  Ive been buying the clip lines in pairs of 2 for years and replacing them as they break.  I discovered that there is no play all option this time around.  These players are pretty much garbage for me now as my music is organized like Genere - Artist - Album.  I can no longer easily select to play all songs in a genre, or all albums from a certain artist.  So while there is a folder option on the mp3 player its useless.  If you want me to organize my music with tags and make playlists I could just use my phone to listen to music. 

The zip I guess was the last player which worked well.  They go for like $100 now on ebay Smiley Sad.  Its a shame that this line of players has just been getting worse and worse every year until now where its finally unusable.  If I could go back in time I would have just stocked up on 100 clip + players and I would have been set.  Cany anybody recomend alternative players on the market that are small like the clip and play by folders (The way the old clips did)?  I doubt sansa is going to fix this via firmware since it appears to already have been a couple years. 

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Re: No "Play All" Option for Solders/Subfolders Clip Sport

i need this option too