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Re: Clip Sport Songs Order & Album Mix-ups

Hi there, newbie here.


for those who are looking for a workaround that does not involve using the Folder view: 

My workaround is to include the track number (with leading zero) in the title tag:

This is done easily with a "Tag - Tag" conversion in Mp3tag:

Field: Tag

Format string: %track% - %title%


then delete all Track tags (still with Mp3tag: select all, then delete the Track field on the left bar, and save.)


Without track tags, songs are sorted by title (alphabetically, therefore following the now embedded 2-digit numbering).

This way, the track number is also displayed during playback or browsing through an album, which I like.


I must say that I'm highly disappointed in this player. On top of this issue, I had to fiddle a ton with album arts (resolution limit, size limit, jpeg options, etc...). Basically you must carefully reformat everything you put on this player if you want it to play it right. (and yes, I have the latest 2.09 firmware).


I won't start listing the features I would like to see, as it barely performs the most basic tasks for which users are interested in a color screen in the first place.


Sorry for the rant, at least I proposed my solution. It's a hassle, but it works...


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Re: Clip Sport Songs Order & Album Mix-ups

Thank you for contributing an excellent work-around for the track tag numbering problem with the Clip Sport Plus (FW 2.09).


This track tag numbering problem does not apply to the original Clip Sport (FW 1.17 and beyond).

      I find best results using 2-digit track tags, 00-99.


For album clip art, I find best results using jpg files with these parameters:

-> I use 200 x 200 pixels up to 300 x 300 pixels

-> I use 72 dpi 

-> When saving, click "Show options dialog", clear all EXIF checkboxes


The Clip Sport will optionally display the album art file without embedding into the mp3 files.

       ->If you use the filename  folder.jpg  and save into the album folder with the related mp3 files.