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bluetooth will not connect with new Amazon Tap

I have a new Amazon Tap that I am trying to pair with the sandisk clip sport plus.

I have updated the clip plus firmware to 2.02.  

From the bluetooth menu:

Click on Bluetooth tile 

Click bluetooth "on"

Click Search devices

Clip Plus finds 84:d6:d0:e1:d8.f9 (the Amazon Tap)

I highlight and click 84:d6:....

after a minute or so it results in "Connection Failed:  Retry or Cancel"

Click retry

Same result.


Clip Plus finds and connects without problem to my Bose Color Soundlink.


Any suggestions?

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Re: bluetooth will not connect with new Amazon Tap

Here is one idea to try. (I have the Amazon Echo, but not a CS+.)

   Use a PC (or Mac) connected to the same WiFi as your Tap.

   Then navigate to this webpage on the Amazon site:

   Click on the name of your Tap.

   Click on Bluetooth

   Click on the [Pairing Mode] command button.

   Then try to connect with your CS+.


And, here is a link to the Amazon Help Page for Tap <-> Bluetooth