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Re: Sandisk clip sport plus

still the wrong order... I used Mp3tag software and manually numbered the tracks in the format 01, 02, 03, etc.  Track number 10 is still coming a the top of the list. I have tried turning the player off and back on.  I reconnected to my pc and the Mp3tag software to confirm the track numbering and everything appears ok. 

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Re: Sandisk clip sport plus

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OK. Thanks for trying all my suggestions. Must be one little item remaining to be resolved ??

-> The 2-digit track numbers are only recognized by MUSIC mode.(and by BOOKS mode).

      (FOLDER mode reads the filenames and ignores the track numbers.)


-> If you want to try FOLDER mode, then read the information at this webpage (FatSorter software).
      (Your filenames should begin with the 2-digit track numbers followed by a space or hyphen.)


Here is a link to the Clip Sport Plus user manual.

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Re: Sandisk clip sport plus

This looks like a bug. I have the same issue. Tracks are sorted 01, 10, 02, 03...


I have reported the issue to sandisk support and provided sample files. Hopefully they can have a fix in the next FW release. 

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Re: Sandisk clip sport plus

Thanks for verifying this problem and reporting to SanDisk Support.

I do not own a Clip Sport Plus and I was guessing it would read track numbers the same as a Clip Sport.

   I will use more caution before trying to give advice for the CS+.


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Re: Sandisk clip sport plus

Hi there, newbie here.


I came to confirm the sorting issue on the Sansa Clip Sport Plus.

Track number tag never display in the right order, whether with or without leading zeroes. (and obviously without total tracks number)

I tried all ID Tag versions, no luck either.


This is a bug, sorting numbers shouldn't be that hard to get right.


My workaround is to include the track number (with leading zero) in the title tag:

This is done easily with a "Tag - Tag" conversion in Mp3tag:

Field: Tag

Format string: %track% - %title%


then delete all Track tags (still with Mp3tag: select all, then delete the Track field on the left bar, and save.)


Without track tags, songs are sorted by title (alphabetically, therefore following the now embedded 2-digit numbering).

This way, the track number is also displayed during playback or browsing through an album, which I like.


I must say that I'm highly disappointed in this player. On top of this issue, I had to fiddle a ton with album arts (resolution limit, size limit, jpeg options, etc...). Basically you must carefully reformat everything you put on this player if you want it to play it right. (and yes, I have the latest 2.09 firmware).


I won't start listing the features I would like to see, as it barely performs the most basic tasks for which users are interested in a color screen in the first place.


Sorry for the rant, at least I proposed my solution. It's a hassle, but it works.