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Not as easy to use as previous models

I've been a loyal sansa clip user for 10 plus years. I previously had the 4GB and 8GB models. When I saw there was a 16GB model with Bluetooth, I jumped at it. My problem is that it is not as easy to sync up playlists. On the earlier models, you could just drag a Windows playlist over to the Sync window and boom! It would sync up, no problem. Now you have to create a folder, drag it over to WMP, save it as something called a M3u playlist, set the shortcut in the folder and drag the folder to the device while it's hooked to your computer. Why did they have to take away the ease of use? Very disappointing.

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Re: Not as easy to use as previous models

This is probably due to the fact that the previous models had 2 connection modes, MTP & MSC. MTP mode is what was used with WMP & saved the playlist file with the .wpl extension. This file would be stored in the Playlist folder on the device.


M3u format is the extension used with MSC connection mode. This format playlist must be stored in the Music folder (or folder wher the audio files are stored). The newer players are MSC-only mode devices.