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My PC won't recognize Clip Sport Plus Player

I bought this product about a year ago, and it worked fine then (same PC/hardware/OS would recognize it and operate as expected).


Now, I don't know what has changed, but when I attach the USB connection, it won't recognize it. I've tried the troubleshooting here: to no avail (note: I do not even get the "USB Device Not Recognized" pop-up). My computer simply does not seem to be aware that it is connected.


Is there a way to get the necessary drivers through SanDisk?


For reference, I'm running on an HP Pavilion laptop with Windows 10


Thank you...

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Re: My PC won't recognize Clip Sport Plus Player

there are no drivers needed. this device uses the native mass storage class drivers included in windows. 


have you tried a different cable? also tried it on different computers?