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Re: M3U playlist empty

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Really sorry about your frustrations with the manual effort required to copy music subfolders into the main Music folder on your Clip Sport Plus.     Seems to me you are more than half-way to your desired result !!

     My suggestion for you is to try using the batch file idea as described above.

     Paste a copy of the simple batch text file (saved as Playlist.bat) into your copied music subfolder on your CS+.

     Then use Win File Explorer to double-click on the Playlist.bat file and it will automatically create a working m3u file.  

           (You should rename to a helpful name, like NewMusic1.m3u)


Maybe this is too tedious for you, but it really should work !!!

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Re: M3U playlist empty

wow...have to love posts getting deleted. I'm guessing if you don't have a hard on for the Clip, your post get deleted by mods. how lovely.


While I appreciate the attempt to help, tedious is not what I want to deal with when creating a simple playlist and transferring it over to my player. This is 2017. I'm not in my way back machine doing this on my Rio Carbon.t Which by the way had less fuss getting playlists on it. And this is what, the 7th generation Clip? Why are we taking steps backward to do simple things that should be effortless.


Then again, why do we have a bloated Clip that lost a card slot and only gained bluetooth? Why has this device needlessly grown over the years? Why has the choice in plastic gone on the cheap so it looks more like a Hasbro toy than an mp3 player? Why has the UI not improved?  Yet the price tag has grown right along with the player's size.


Despite the market for mp3 dwindling, there is still a market for these small players. You can go upscale with the Shanling M1 like I did. You can make a mostly lateral move to the Agptek:

And deal with the quirks until their firmware gets ironed out. I have more faith in them than I do in Sandisk putting out a product I'd want to use at this point.


And the Agptek is half the price and sized in line with the smaller previous gen Clips.

Sport Plus 2.60 x 1.74 x 0.68 in
Agptek       2.32 x 1.42 x 0.63 in


Ridiculous how bloated the Clip has become. Mine is going back to Best Buy on my way home from the shore since my Shanling is waiting for me at home. Picture the Creative M300 meets the 6th gen ipod nano.


I honestly don't know why people keep buying these when they do zero to innovate or even evolve the line.