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Re: Can't activate Clip Jam with Audible Manager

I assigned my player to drive b and now my computer will not recognize the player.  Smiley Sad  

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Re: Can't activate Clip Jam with Audible Manager

Changing the drive letter to B worked for me (jam) BUT I also had to tell windows7 autoplay to 'always open the device with windows media player'. Seems that Audible manager is just piggybacking on WMP somehow. Without doing that (and being unable to set the player into MTP mode,. like I could with my old clipzips) either it would not authorise OR, if already authoriused, I had the old 'lower right pane (showing device contents) scrolls all the way across until it is entuirely white/blank', which I have seen before with clipzip in MSC mode.


Basically audible manager is the pits, only surpassed by their 'follow the script, your happiness IS really important to us' live chat customer servants (and they've hidden their tech support email address really well. If my partner wasn'r an avid listener I'd have given up long ago).


See also

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for how is messes up even as you watch it.