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Unable to format 64GB CF card on Nikon d700



I just purchased a new Extreme Pro 64GB CF card for my Nikon D700.  I have been trying to format it in the camera with no luck.  No matter how I try it continues to flash FULL and 0.  I called Nikon tech support and they say that the 64GB CF card is not in their list for approved (tested) memory cards.  They said the 64GB maybe too large for the Nikon D700 to function.  They are unable to provide any additional support.  However the Extreme Pro 64GB CF card has the D700 listed under the comparable cameras...  

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Re: Unable to format 64GB CF card on Nikon d700

SanDisk Tech Support answered my question.

Nikon D300s, D700, D3, D3X firmware updates for 64GB CompactFlash
Can I use 64GB CompactFlash card in my Nikon D300s, D700, D3 or D3X camera?

64GB CompactFlash cards were released September 2009. NOT all earlier model host device supports this capacity. Nikon provided firmware updates for several models when this capacity cards were produced.

Compatible cameras
that require firmware update released January 2010 from Nikon:

- Nikon D700
- Nikon D3
- Nikon D3X
- Nikon D300s


Link to Nikon firmware update


My CF card now works after the firmware update.



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Re: Unable to format 64GB CF card on Nikon d700

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It seems like Nikon should have been able to provide that info. I am sandisk support was able to sort it out for you though.