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Micro SD File Recovery

Hello Everyone,


I had a recorded video saved on my microSD card. I had just completed cutting/editing the video on my mac using iMovie and I saved it so I thought the transfer was complete. I hit the button to upload the video to youtube and the the upload started. About 30 mins later when the upload was about halfway done I (like an idiot) removed the memory card from the mac because I figured it was already saved on my mac hard drive (it wasnt). After the upload to youtube was complete, the first half of the video was perfect but the second half was completely black screen (beside the text and effects I added). The two video files on my SD card are still there but its 0kb. I tried to recover using Recuva but it didn't work. Is there any suggestions on how to recover these videos? 

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Re: Micro SD File Recovery

I have same problem...

i deleted some video folders (100ANVxxx ) from my SD card ; been trying for hours to recover them (days late) via mac with no success.

i have not written any new data on the SD since.