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Re: 128gb SDXC micro sd problem! Help me find out what happened to it please!

I was able to format my card eventually....


I had searched and tried many ways including formatting via command prompt, formatting through my android and formatting through windows.


When trying to format with windows it would only give me the option to format it at 27gig.


In my android device it said that it successfully formatted and appeared to 64gig. however when connecting to USB in window it was still only 27gig. 



I finally got it to format using the DJI OSMO UHD camera whilst connected to a USB port with Windows 7. upon connecting to windows through the camera, windows prompted me to format it and it allowed the full 64gig to be formatted... That's it!


I hope it helps someone out as I was almost going to try and get sandisk to replace it.


Good luck!