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My desktop cant read my new memory card

I bought my 4gb memory card and it reads fine and works well in my nokia E71x phone but i cant find it anywhere on my computer, i even went to my desktops website to download any new necessary updates..this is very frustrating. help?

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Re: My desktop cant read my new memory card

Have you previously used a SDHC(4gb and above) card on the computer. As you did not mention ill assume that your card is not getting recognized by the Internal SD slot of the computer which most probably is due to the reason that the slot is only SD compatible and not SDHC which you can double check by reading if it says SD or SDHC on the slot itself.


Click here to know the difference between SD and SDHC cards and why your computer wont read it.


Other options you can use to read files on your SDHC card
If your computer's card reader is not SDHC compatible, you have 3 options available:

1. You can connect your phone that works with SDHC to your computer using a USB cable that came with the phone. You should be able to transfer files to the computer this way.

2. You can contact you computer manufacturer to see if they have a free firmware update for your model that will make it SDHC compatible

3. You can buy a card reader which is SDHC compatible, check on the packaging if it has the SDHC logo.