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Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

Yea u just got the mobile kit with the micro sd, micro sd to sd adapter. the micro sd card works fine in my cell but when it goes in my comp ina  slot which above it says "MMC / SD" nothing comes up that says open files. i also tried double clicking on all my drives in my comp. my comp has- c, d, a, e, f, g, h, i, j, k and then shared on the very botom. My comp. is an Hp pavilion a350e. if anyone can help me i would love it. i have the drivers for my comp for the HP site up now but im not sure which one would be for this cards. Ty for ur time. ill be back to check this soon so if u need more info so help me ill help then. TY
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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

trying this since I have the same problem
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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

well i don't know what to do either. i put my card in my phone and save pics, videos and music to it, but when i put it in my computer nothing happens. i have windows xp on my computer, but i don't know where to go or anything to get the stuff off the card. usually a lil window pops up and asks me what i want to do. but it don't do anything when i put the card in.
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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

Hello all,


I guess I have a similar problem.


I have, just bought, a 4 gB micro SDHC card with an SD adaptor.

I intend to use the micro SDHCcard with my phone, and there is no problem with it. the phone reads the card.


However, I need my computer read the micro SDHC thru the SD Adaptor, unfortunately it doesnt read the micro SDHC card. I have also a 1 gB micro SD card and SD Adaptor, there is no problem with that...


So, what do you think?

Can a microSDHC - USB adaptor solve the problem?


my computer: fujitsu Siemens with XP and HP Pavillion (wife's PC, same problem, no reading)

micro SD: Sandisk 1 gB

Micro SD HC : Sandisk 4 gB

I have a SD Slot on the computer, I use the microSD/SDHC with the SD Adaptor.


Thanks in advance 

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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

I'm having the same problem. I tried the micro sd adapter on my laptop (e-machine m6811) and desktop (compac presario 3500 media center).

I get the "Added hardware" tone but it doesn't appear anywhere.  I've even tried adding the Microsoft hotfix #923293  (from previous post)

However that hotfix is for 32x bit systems whereas both of mine are Athlon 64x bit. with windows XP pro sp2.

Does anyone know of a hotfix thats compatable with 64x bit systems?

                                                                                                                         Thanks in advance



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Although I seriously doubt that any Sandizk employees will read this, I feel it is my duty to other consumers to scrag them on the forums and consumer ratings sites; I have some experience with this.

I received the SanDisk set of a 4 GB MicroSD HC card and its concomitant adapter as a Christmas Present from my brother for my LG Voyager VX10000 phone.  As far as I can tell, it works well with the phone.

However, when I insert the combination of the Adapter and the MicroSD card into my computer, as demonstrated on the horrible, my Windows XP Pro. operating system failed to recognize it as a Mass Storage device. 

I would post a picture, but with the malfunctioning card, my chief means of doing so.
The Windows drivers for this are like "plug-and-pray".  However, it works well with my phone.  Since Windows is only the most popular OS out there, I have to say that this manufacturer needs to get its act together.


It works on Linux perfectly, though, and I do not use my Windows side that often.

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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

I bought the exact same thing as alpman.  I called SanDisk, Microsoft, and my computer's manufacturer.  Now, I have Vista and they told me to upgrade my system to see if that solves the problem, but I'm not going to pay $100 for something that might work.  I also don't want to pay for a USB adapter because I just bought a memory card with an adapter.  I also have a smaller memory card (512 MB) that reads fine in my computer.  Call your manufacturer and see what they have to say.  Maybe you'll get an answer.
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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

Dear all


I solved my problem by installing TIPCI drivers from Texas Instruments from this FTP site Zepto it's the manufactor of my computer. I'm runing Vista by the way. One other thing I have only tried with Micro SD <1 Gb.


Perhaps this information can help someone!



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Re: Comp. wont read micro sd adapter

i did the same thing but it didn't work.
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My Solution

I had the same problem.


The problem is the ADAPTER.


STEP 1. Take OUT the Adapter from the MobilMate SD+ Reader and REMOVE the minicard from the adapter.


STEP 2. Place the minicard directly into the smaller slot in your MobileMate SD+ 


STEP 3. Place the MobileMate SD+ into the usb port. Your computer should be able to detect and read all files.T


Hope this helps. :smileyhappy: