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How to restore microSD to 1 single partition?


i have partitioned my 8gb microSD on linux, i made 3 diff partitions: 1st fat, 2nd ext2 and 3rd swap, now when i plug my microSD on my PC it shows two different devices, even on the partitioning software it shows two separated devices.

I mean even if i delete both partitions they wont merge into a single raw 8gb non-partitioned space. Its weird but the microSD is not one disk with three partitions, its 2 separated disks (since the swap partition is not recognized :s ).


Is there a tool or something to errase the partition table or something else that can save my microSD, i can use 7.2gb since the other two partitions are small but... well i broke it so im trying to fix it :smileywink:


Thanks alot.