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Failed SDHC Extreme III right out of the box!!

Today I received my new camera (Canon Ixus 980IS, supports SDHC) and my new memory card (SanDisk SDHC Extreme III 4GB). I put the card in the camera and everything seemed fine. Took 4 photos and that seemed ok. Tried to view the taken photos and the camera came up with a message of Unrecognised file type!!!

Tried to take more photos but then the camera gave another message: Memory Card Error. Tried to format the card with both the ways offered by the camera (quick and deep). Itgave the impression that the process was actually taking place. You could see a progress bar going all the way. Still the same mem card error message. Got home worried that it might be the camera. Tried 2 more cards with the camera (SD extreme II plus 1GB and SD Extreme II 1GB). Both absolutely fine. 

Plug the Extreme III card in the Sandisk ImageMate 8 in 1 and that to my Mac. Cant see the card! Tried the same on Windows Vista Ultimate and WinXP SP2 and both cant see the card plus if you select the card it causes the computer to freeze untill you remove the card. I was hoping to format it on the computer but i cant even see it.. 

Tried to search the forum but couldnt find something relevant.

So the question is what to do now. Should I contact the supplier? Sandisk? Is the card useable with some sort of special software? I have the recovery pro soft but...

Any help highly appreciated.


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Re: Failed SDHC Extreme III right out of the box!!

the card is bad and will need to be replaced. it is rare but it does happen. since you just purchased the card i would contact the place of purchase as they will probably be able to get you a working card faster.

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Re: Failed SDHC Extreme III right out of the box!!

Thanks heaps for really fast reply! Much obliged.

Will contact supplier and hope for quick resolution!

Thanks again.