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Corrupted Card - can't be read

I have a 12 GB SanDisk Extreme II CF Card. I shoot with a Canon EOS 40D. I recently formatted it on my computer (I know big mistake) then added pictures to transport to my job. On the way to the studio that day I had a shoot. At first the camera wouldn't recognize the card, but after turning it on and off a couple of times it came right up and let me take pictures like normal. No more problems. When I finally arrived at the studio, the computer wouldn't read the card at all. Eventually I got it to read the pictures that I had just taken, but it kept saying all the other files were corrupted or unable to read. Now neither my camera nor my computer will format, read, or get anywhere close to accessing the card. When I put it in the computer, it tries to scan for erros but always says its unable to complete.


Getting the pictures is not a problem I have backups of everything that's on the card, I just want to be able to use the card again. Any suggestions?



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Re: Corrupted Card - can't be read

formatting on the computer had nothing to do with this issue (assuming you did not use an incompatible file system). it sounds like the card is going bad or already has. best bet to contact sandisk tech support and see about getting it replaced.