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Today i bought my 16GB micro drive, it looks a bit diffrent from that one that my friend has. My drive flashes with orange light

but that plastic case is kind of sharp one.

serial number BL0903NSQB


Also i have other question, is there any way to remove that u3 partition from my drive ? i wont need it anyways and it annoys me alot :smileytongue:

Anyone knows how to format this pendrive with NTFS ?  

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Re: counterfeit

for authenticity contact sandisk support 866-sandisk


instructions on removing U3 are stickied at the top of this board


formatting in NTFS 

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Re: counterfeit

**bleep**, phone call for simple legit check? wont happen :smileyhappy: maybe some web based serial number checker ? 


btw U3 is gone, NTFS is ON but takes away some of free space :smileywink:  


ive used another way, that one up wont work as  there are no possible choice, only FAT FS 

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