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Re: Clip Zip Feedback and Feature Request Thread

Why are you staring at the screen for several minutes on end?  There's really no need--simply select your music and listen.  Situation solved.


Alternately/additionally:  under the System settings, set the display to go off after a limited number of seconds, such as 10 or 15.  Or, purchase a Clip+ instead--less of a screen to "bother" you.  Or lastly, buy an iPod Shuffle--no screen. 


Most likely, SanDisk will not offer a screenless player, if that's what you want--there's no need for it. 



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Re: Clip Zip Feedback and Feature Request Thread

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I suspect there won't be any further development on the Clip Zip's firmware at this point - but just in case, or perhaps for the next version of the Clip that has a voice-recording microphone... have an option where when the player is paused, the microphone feeds the headset. Many people use high-isolation earbuds, and if they pause their player to talk to someone - they have to remove an earbud to hear the person clearly. With this suggested feature, that hassle would no longer be necessary. You could also market this as a safety feature - say when one is approaching an intersection: pause whatever one is listening to and be better able to hear what's going on nearby without fumbling with the headset.


While I'm at it, I'd like to chime in on making it an option whether to drop A and The from the beginning of artist names, for pitch-corrected variable speed playback and a BIG YES to the return of elapsed time and track counts during playback.

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Re: Clip Zip Feedback and Feature Request Thread

How about something simple: Get rid of that stupid 1000 song limit on m3u playlists, OR provide us with a .pla playlist editor for MTP mode that can create playlists from the songs on the player and then back up the playlist for when (not if) the player crashes?