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Ultra USB 3.0 Dual writing SLOWER THAN USB2.0

Hello there, i bought this flash drive (dual ultra 3.0 64GB) yesterday and i'm getting VERY SLOW writing speed.


At first, it starts writing like 50MB/s but after a few seconds the speed starts decreasing until it reaches 10MB/s. After that, it doesn't get any faster, in fact, sometimes decreases until 6MB/s. It's even slower than my 2.0 drives!


I've got a Lenovo Ideapad 310 with a i5 6200 2.3Ghz and 8GB RAM. Of course it's plugged to a USB3.0 port and have all the drivers updated. 


I've just tried it on a 2.0 port and stays at 11MB/s, just like in the 3.0. Tried another 3.0 flash drive (verbatim 128GB) on the same 2.0 port and got 25MB/s (wich es good for a 2.0 port)


I've formated the flash to NTFS so i could transfer big files, but i think it shouldn't cause any lost of speed, at least not to the poor 11MB/s i got


Anyways, sorry for bad english, and thanks to everyone that replies

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Re: Ultra USB 3.0 Dual writing SLOWER THAN USB2.0

exfat is a better choice than NTFS for removable drives. exFAT also supports large single files.


for the transfer speed issue you are seeing this is normal for the ultra line of USB drives from sandisk. The read speeds are high and defined in the specs but there is no write speed published. What you are seeing is normal for this product. if you are looking for high write speed drives you should look at sandisk extreme product line.