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Re: Ultra Fit USB 3.0: Excessive Heat

I believe the concern is the laptop USB port it is connected to as well as the data in it.


Replacement only cover the USB Flash Drive, not the data neither the laptop USB port (if it is damaged due to overheat from the USB Flash Drive).


While other manufacturer also does not provide any warranty to cover the data (in case of loss) neither the USB port of any laptop, however, the USB Flash Drive from other manufacturer does not operate under that high temperature (at least the temperature of the touchable surface of the USB Flash Drive).


The workaround is to use extension cable, but other's opinion is also valid as like why should I buy a tiny USB Flash Drive but end up with attaching an extra USB cable? It against the tiny design!



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Re: Ultra Fit USB 3.0: Excessive Heat

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So, its been a while, and I'd like to comment back on this USB. I've had it for over a year, run several Linux distros on it, and currently use it to store ROMs/Kernels/Flashables for my Nexus and Galaxy phones- in short, it works great as small expandable storage.


As a USB 2.0 device, that is. I'm highly disappointed in the heat department when used as a 3.0 device, but for such a small USB and form factor I'm not surprised. When I need to get stuff done, 3.0 does the job but man, the heat is insane.

Even so, USB 2.0 speeds and heat development are actually very decent. Read is around 70 MB/s while Write is around 50 MB/s. Nothing blazing but plenty fast for any self-respecting Linux distro out there. Heat is no problem when connected to a 2.0 port- for a few months I was running Steam games daily from it.


So overall, for the $11 I spent for this little guy I'm satisfied. I think Sandisk ought to inform customers, however, as there are many people in this thread who haven't had nearly as rosy an experience as I.


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Re: Ultra Fit USB 3.0: Excessive Heat

i would like to share my experience with Ultra Fit 3.0-16GB.I've used it in my Sony Car Audio System. But after few months i've found the heating issue. It became so hot just few minutes after inserting that couldn't be touched on the metallic portion.Few months later it started showing problems like, the flash drive is undetectable after getting heated just after inserting it. It becomes a useless one. SanDisk should solve the problem or stop selling this product.
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Re: Ultra Fit USB 3.0: Excessive Heat

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Well, well, well. Yet another long-running thread about an unresolveable problem... Smiley Very Happy


I went through the 'write-protect' saga with the Cruzer Blades. I still maintain they're good little drives for the price, as long as you don't try to use them to extremes.


As for the Ultra Fits.....yeah, the little buggers do run hot, it's true. But even in a USB 2.0 port, the transfer speed is nothing short of astonishing. And in a USB 3.0, it climbs into the stratosphere.....


I've got 2 of the 32 GB models. I've got at least 3, if not 4, of the 64 GB models. And in the last year, I've splashed out on 3 of the 128 GB jobs, too. (These latter three are formatted to ext3; one is used as a miniature NAS in our router, and the other two are used as permanent 'external storage' in a 15-yr old Dell Inspiron laptop running 'Puppy' Linux. They're not used for system stuff - although Pup's mode of operation keeps system read/writes to an absolute minimum anyway (it's one of these distros that runs totally in RAM, and only writes config/settings to the flash drive periodically) - but simply for data storage, to supplement the 64GB SSD 'upgrade' that hosts Pup itself.


I've tried these in FAT; ex-FAT, and also NTFS, in addition to Linux formats. Even BTRFS. Doesn't matter what format you run 'em under, they will get very hot. One of the other posters, several pages back, hit it on the head when he/she stated about the laws of physics prevailing; cramming an enormous number of transistors into a teeny space, the heat produced has got to go somewhere. And in this case it's the miniscule metal shell.....which, let's be fair about this, does do its best to try and dissipate that heat, despite having its work cut out from the 'get-go'! Smiley Frustrated


The QC guys must have determined these weren't going to get hot enough to cause major problems.....although joeydee's pictures don't exactly inspire confidence, do they???


(I also have a Cruzer 'Fit' (the 16 GB model)......which runs as cool as a cucumber. Through I would dispute that those tiny 'cut-outs' have got very much to do with's simply due to a much lower transistor count.)


The news about the far higher power-draw is enlightening, too..... Smiley Surprised And a printed warning on the packaging that heat production may occur regularly would go a long way to help matters.....bearing in mind that high transistor count AND the astonishing performance.


Ah, well. Carry on regardless!



Mike. Smiley Wink