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OTG USB not being detected by phone

My phone has stopped detecting my otg usb. It used to work fine for a couple of months when I connected it to my phone (Samsung Note 4) but after a couple of weeks of not connecting it to my phone, it suddenly stopped working. However, at this  time , I would ocassioanlly transfer some files to it via laptop and it still works. I've tried using the USB with other phones and it doesn't seem to work as well but can be read by pcs normally. There aren't any problems with using other connectors with my phone, so I don't think the port is the problem. 


I was wondering if the USB's mobile connector is beyond saving at this point? Any help is much appreciated. Smiley Happy

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Re: OTG USB not being detected by phone

if it is not working on multiple phones there is likely some hardware issue with the micro USB connector side of the drive. Since it works on a computer backup all the data and contact sandisk support to check warranty status.