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physical damage to the card itself

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Hello all.  I have a SanDisk Ultra Plus 32 GB micro card.  Card is not reading, and it got VERY hot  while in my MacBook.  In fact, the adapter looks slightly damaged from the heat.  On close inspection, I found a slight bend in the left corner.  Is there anything I can do to recover the video's on the card?  I thought I transferred them to my computer, but I cannot find those files.  Thanks for any and all advice.

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Re: physical damage to the card itself



in that case where the card is overheating and is damaged i would not recommend to still use it with the pc because it can melt into the sd slot of the laptop. In the case that you like to recover the data from the card you can try to contact a data recovery company to recover the data from the chip of the card itself.


There is nothing else you can do if you dont know yourself to do hardware data recovery.

Good Luck

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