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SanDisk Extreme SSD



SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive


Delivering Reliability, Durability, and Performance for Laptops.

Whether it's extending the life for your PC or improving your gameplay, the SanDisk Extreme SSD is the reliable drive for you. Enjoy lightning fast performance, providing next-level speed for your graphic-intense games. Get faster load times enhancing your gaming experience from boot-up to shut-down and every in-game moment in-between.

  • Lightning read and write performance

    Sequential Read (up to) 550 MB/s 550 MB/s 540 MB/s
    Sequential Write (up to) 510 MB/s 520 MB/s 460 MB/s
    Random Read ( up to) 23K IOPS 33K IOPS 44K IOPS
    Random Write (up to) 83K IOPS 83K IOPS 46K IOPS
    MTBFΔ 2.5M hrs 2.0M hrs 1.4M hrs
  • Launch applications faster and enjoy quicker system boot ups/shut downs**
  • Lower power consumption than a standard hard drive** for cooler operation and extended battery life
  • Noise reduction for quiet drive operation
  • Delivers reliability, durability, and high-performance for your laptop or PC
  • Designed to withstand shocks and vibration for high durability
  • 3-year limited warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Available capacities: 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB
  • Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s (backward compatible to SATA 3 Gb/s & SATA 1.5 Gb/s)
  • Temperature (operating/Non-operating) : 0˚C to 70˚C / -55˚C to 95C
  • Active Power: 0.6W
  • Shock Resistant: 1500G @ 0.5 msec
  • Vibration (operating/Non-operating): 2.17gRMS, 5- 700Hz / 3.13gRMS, 5-800Hz

* 1 gigabyte (GB*) = 1 billion bytes. 1 terabyte (TB) - 1 trillion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage.

‡ Based on SanDisk internal testing of sequential read and write speeds; performance may vary depending upon host device, OS and application. 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes

Δ Based on SanDisk internal testing using Telcordia stress part testing.

** As compared to 7200 RPM SATA 2.5" hard drive. Based on published specifications and SanDisk internal benchmarking tests.

 3 Year warranty in regions not recognizing limited warranty.

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Re: SanDisk Extreme SSD

When this will be available in U.A.E

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Re: SanDisk Extreme SSD

For your sake, hope for "never".  There are better drives out there, and after SanDisk's total silence on their TRIM issue, I will never buy or recommend anything SanDisk *ever* again.

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Re: SanDisk Extreme SSD

All I want for Christmas is working TRIM. Robot Frustrated

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Re: SanDisk Extreme SSD

Hi just to let you know there is a new firmware update for this cases, have a look here: