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SSDP128G slow write speeds

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Hi All


I have had the 128G for about a year now.  Write speeds are very slow however.


It takes forever to install a game in steam or any other windows application for that matter.  Read speeds are fine (i.e windows 7 ultimate loads in less than 20 seconds from boot)


AHCI is enabled in my motherboard (asus) bios.


SSD is connected to a sata 6 port on the motherboard.


Indexing is disabled on the drive.


The SSD has been like this since I bought it (i.e it has not got gradually worse)









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Re: SSDP128G slow write speeds


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Re: SSDP128G slow write speeds

try secure erasing the SSD. That should fix any performance issue related to the flash. If you see the same speeds after secure erase then I would test in another machine and if the results are similar submit an RMA request to sandisk support. 

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Re: SSDP128G slow write speeds

I was having the same problems with SDSSDP128G slow write speeds.  The machine would often hang for seconds at a time.

Runing "atop" it would say the drive is 100% busy with only a few dozen write operations queued.

I've been running "fstrim" regularly to TRIM unused blocks, but it hasn't helped as far as I can tell.


I followed the Secure Erase instructions and now speeds are back to normal (and I've lost some SSD life as a consequence).


I'm a Linux user and the instructions that worked for me are here:


In particular, to get the drive to be "not frozen", I had to do the shown "echo -n mem" trick to drop into sleep and then wake up again.

(See the summary, below.)  Then the other two commands that set the password and did a security erase worked no problem.


SInce this was my root drive, I copied all the data off then booted Ubuntu Linux off a USB key and used that to erase my "sda" drive,

then I re-partitioned the drive and copied all the data back, set the GRUB bootloaders, and rebooted.  No more hanging!  Summary:


# echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
# hdparm --user-master u --security-set-pass PASS /dev/sdx
# hdparm --user-master u --security-erase PASS /dev/sdx