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Macbook Pro won't recognize internal Extreme 240

15" Macbook Pro (5,1 late 2008)
2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo/4 GB
OS X 10.8.4


I think I have done everything I can according to what I have read and I am left mystified. I purchased a new SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD through Amazon to replace the Intel 80GB SSD that I have been using as my boot drive and which is installed in the optical drive bay.


• I removed the original HDD (working perfectly and used for storage) from the hard drive bay and installed the Extreme: no sign of it in System Report/Profile or Disk Utility.

• I swapped the Intel out and put the Extreme in the optical bay. It booted fine from the Intel in the HD bay but still no sign of the Extreme.

• I tried both configurations with PRAM and SMC resets: still nothing.

• I bought a 2.5" SATA external enclosure, popped in the Extreme and voila! "You have inserted a disk that can not be read yada yada yada" FORMAT SUCKA! I was able to install Mountain Lion on the Extreme, boot from it, and run through the set-up/registration and view the joy that is a completely fresh OS X install, just not physically where I need it.

- Once again tried it in the hard drive and optical bays… no sign of it whatsoever. Smiley Sad


At various times I have run the Extreme 240GB Firmware Updater version R211 from my external optical drive. It sees the Intel SSD but not the SanDisk.


So I have successfully installed OS X on my Extreme SSD and can boot from it as an external via USB but I can't use it internally. I am now back to my original configuration (working just as it did before) with the Extreme in the external enclosure mocking me.



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Re: Macbook Pro won't recognize internal Extreme 240



Sorry to hear that but the Nvidia MCP79 chipset is known to be faulty and i remember that even apple replaced some of these laptops with this chipset. None of the ssd will work properly with this one so i would suggest to change the chipset to use the drive normally.



Good Luck

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